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CWA Inspiration-Day 25-02-2023 Live

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CWA Inspiration Day has been a life-changing day for many. It is an interactive day, where we explore how to expand the level of consciousness, taking the awareness to the next level. You will also be given tools in how to design the first step towards your Destiny so you truly can start living the life you Desire and Deserve.

What would it mean for you if you could experience daily in your life:


What if you could explore what your purpose is in life?
Imagine just for 1 or 2 minutes your life with all of this.

How do you feel now?
What did you experience in these 2 minutes?
If you experienced feelings as calmness, peacefulness, homecoming, joy, freedom, etc., you are already expanding your consciousness. You are now more aware of what you desire in life and also aware of what you do not want anymore.

All the external and tangible things you have like a job, a house, a car, family, money, vacations and so on, are really great. But most of the times this outward focus doesn’t give you the real fulfillment.

The next step for you is go inwards to find this peacefulness and your purpose. Inside are the real answers for your fulfilment and meaning in life. With these answers you can define the next steps so you can design your desired life.

During this interactive Inspiration Day, we are going to explore how to expand your consciousness. We will help you to discover your inner-desire and to design the first steps to the destiny of that purpose, your calling.

Your Motivation (Experience)
3 levels of Consciousness (Expand Understanding & Knowledge)
I & Me ‘How I Think (Explore enquiry)
Meaning of Life, Mind-Heart reflection, (Experience)
Your desire
Design of your Desire, (Explore & Discover)
First steps towards Destiny
Vedic Meditation (Experience)
HomeWorkbook (Expand)

Outcome requires input. So, what you get is what you give in Life. That will also count for this CWA – Inspiration day. After this Experience Day you

> will have raised your level of Consciousness,
> will have a clearer sight at your purpose,
> know how to raise your own Vibration,
> have a design for your first steps towards your Destiny,
> experience more fulfillment,
> have a better understanding Why you do What you do.

Time: 09:30 – 16:30, Doors open at 9:10
Location: Brinklaan 82, 1404 GM Bussum The Netherlands
Lunch Included.

LocatieMonastery Marienburg
AdresBrinklaan 82, 1404 GM The Netherlands
Datum25 february 2023
Tijd9:30 - 16:30
OrganisatieConscious World Agents
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