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Systema is known for the great skill to both deliver and take deep impact such as strikes! Learn how to deliver impact on different levels en depth to the human body and restore from them. Take away your fear of being hit and learn how to hit the person to take the fighting spirit from them!


The Strikes will engage in training of strikes only then he is fully aware of his inner condition, and when he is free from all negative feelings including irritation, pride, aggression and indifference.

The Strikes will ensure that the Receiver is physically and psychological prepared for strikes practice.

If, at any moment, the Striker loses his internal awareness or his balanced and positive disposition, he is to stop immediately.

The Strikes will ensure that the Receiver knows how to restore himself fully and properly from the impact.


The Receiver will monitor his own health status and inform the Striker of any potential conditions and concerns.

The Receiver is responsible for obtaining the skill,, knowledge and experience to restore himself after any impact, by way of breathing and movement.

The Receiver is responsible for full self-restoration at the end of the striking session, ad for concluding the session in the same physical and psychological state which he began.

Instructeur: Patrick van het Nederend

Saturday 18 may
Time: 10:00 tot 15:00 hour

€ 25,- members
€ 50,- non members

Location: Combat & Health Academie Amsterdam, Velbiesstraat 6a, Amsterdam Noord.

Tickets are limited to 25 people! Registration is open.

LocatieCombat & Health Academy Amsterdam
AdresVeldbiesstraat 6a, Amsterdam
Datum18 mei 2019
Tijd10:00 - 15:00 uur
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