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Jouster Toer Project, Matinee 25 nov.

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The second performance of a new Fanfare piece about a story of the 'Jouster Toer'. Commissioned and executed by the Jouster Fanfare. Before the break pieces will be played by the Jouster Fanfare which are the chosen by the public in the Unique Crowdfunding campaign. After the break the new piece, written by Paul Lovatt Cooper, will be performed.

Prices* are:
Adult from 12: €14,50
Child up to 12: €9,50
Adult with discount: €13,05

* (All prices include a break drink)
* (All prices in the shop include € 0.80 service charge)

StandortHobbe van Beardt Tsjerke
AdresseMidstraat 65
Datum25 november 2018
Uhrzeit14:30 - 17:00

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