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MM #127: In English please!

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With its many expats, it's nothing but logical how The Netherlands hosts a great bunch of non-Dutch speaking non-monogamists. Since most discussion events are usually difficult to access due to the language barrier, let's lift this one up!

During this evening, you're very welcome to discuss your non-monogamous ways, errors, questions, experiences and what not with like-minded people of many different backgrounds. Topics that we may touch upon could range from working out long distance relationships, meeting new people in a new country, dealing with jealousy and different communication styles.

You're very welcome to bring in your own topics, stories, questions. During this evening, the language in plenary conversations will be English.

For this evening, three types of tickets are available:
- Budget (€5,-) for people without a paid job, relying on state support, students or freshly started freelancers.
- Standard (€10,-) for people in a stable financial situation.
- Support (€15,-) for people in a carefree financial situation.

LocationDe Meerminners
AddressPurpervlinderstraat 15, Utrecht
Date04 April 2019
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