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“The Up, The Down, and The Strange”
While researching the effects on lab animals of exposure to an unknown alternate dimension, a couple and their slave grapple with the expected rituals of punishment and humiliation accepted in their own reality, leaving open the question whether the alternate dimension may offer a less violent, more equitable environment than their own.

“Book of Names”
Alessandro has lost his faith. He’s also lost his relationship. Alessandro confides his troubles to Laura, a bartender with a story of her own. Through a book of baby names, they find a way to share their stories of loss, regret, belief and love.

Two one-act plays written and directed by Dana Roskey.
A 7MRP Theatre group production.

-The event is in English and not suitable for a young audience-

LocatieFolkhouse Matrix
AdresMauritsstraat 16, 3012 CJ Rotterdam
Datum9 November 2019
Tijd8:30pm - 9:45pm, doors open at 8:15pm
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