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19:30 - Doors open / personal meditation
20.00 - Opening ceremony (doors close)
20:10 (±) - Ecstatic Dance journey (DJ Bartokai)
22:22 (±) - Closing ceremony
22:30 (±) - Sharing little (vegan) bites, water and tea (all included, ..and you are invited to bring your own)
23:00 - The End

Amajaba is a DJ-collective and event organizing-crew for ecstatic and conscious dance. We are Bartokai, Toeli and Natchooo and we like to experiment with different styles and themes. Besides a profound and positive vibe, we value a quality sound system and artistic lighting. We choose to play around with locations, themes and atmospheres.
As spaceholders from the hidden island and bird sanctuary of Amajabad, we are born wild and free... guided and teached by the birds how to fly, and dance.
More about Amajaba:

About the collaboration Ben Acket
Ben Acket works and lives in ’s-Hertogenbosch. We often dance together and fly by his chakra-coloured tipi’s at numerous festivals. Ben likes us and we like Ben. His painting is a dance in itself with vivid colours that flow, splash, collide and merge in various rhythms and structures. The use of UV-paint awakens yet another layer. Taking the canvas to the dancefloor and beyond seemed a logical thing to do. Especially when you plunge it into some powerful UV-canon-lighting. So we will do just that!
More about Ben:

About Ecstatic Dance
Ecstatic Dance is a gathering of dancers in a safe place. In our dance we seek for the connection to the higher self.

* Shoeless *
We dance barefoot. It gets you more connected with your body. We will thoroughly clean the floor with tea tree oil before you arrive. Socks and dancing shoes can also be used.

* Sober *
We dance in abundance and physically sober and clean. There will be unlimited vitamin water and organic herbal tea during the event. We have some delicious small treats and bites for you during and after the event.

* Silent *
During the dance we don’t speak so the music is perceived more intense. It helps in finding the medicine within. Actually we could also call it: speechless. You can, if you feel like it, make a bit - or a lot - of sound by clapping hands, stamping feet or using your voice to make sounds.

Note: Please do not use perfumes and deodorants when you are preparing yourself for the dance. These scents can be dominant on the dancefloor and give some people headaches. Everything is cured by salty waters like sweat, tears and the sea. Just bring a towel and some clean clothes to wear after the dance and you’ll be fine. We will supply baking soda powder to use as a deodorant, if you wish.

Lightpaint photo booth - by Jasper Toeli
Surrender to the colorful dance and paint your own picture with light. Create a magical portrait together with some friends and a bunch of creative ‘lighting brushes’. Make your own aura and get a great souvenir from your ecstatic dance. See some examples at Be sure to bring 10 euro if you want a HD-print of your awesome portrait!

Oh.. and we do like it when you dress up (UV-reactive) for the occasion!!

Early bird: 20 euro (online)
Late bird: 25 euro (online and cash at the door on the day of the event)

Use this link to buy your tickets now:

Edisonlaan 15
5021 MA Tilburg

This location is an old gymnasium (gym) next to an old (not in use) school.
This link will take you to the exact Google Maps-pin:

There is plenty room for bikes and cars on the free parking area in front of the venue.

Last but not least:
We value the dancefloor as the ultimate safe haven for dancing. We share and make the dancefloor together. We respect each other, take care of each other. Open your heart and your senses and you will know what to do.
Needless to say, we don’t use our phones during the dance.

Location'The Gym'
AddressEdisonlaan 15, Tilburg
DateSaturday 7 december
Time19:30 - 23:00
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