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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
– Rumi

There is a time before time existed.
Before duality caged the true nature of the soul.
A time when what is unseen is as real as what can be touched and tasted.
Where liberation is a natural state of being, not something to attain or fight for.
Where sexuality and spiritually are inseparable.
Where the fragmentation of the self is not cast into roles of his and hers, dark and light, good or bad.
Where ecstasy and aliveness pulse through the blood of bodies
and we remember the love that rests at our core.
A time when we decide that we will no longer hide but will emerge from our chrysalis with a will to live, to truly live.

This weekend we will remember what is is to be truly alive.
We will remember our inherent magic.
We will suspend time and space as we journey into our inner chambers through ritual, ceremonial magic, embodiment and group practices.
The invitation this weekend is to remove the sheaths that veil what lives deeply inside you.

This event was specifically created to provide a safer and inclusive space for people of all backgrounds to truly emerge. We do not make assumptions about gender, sexuality, or identity. So whether you are queer, straight, pan, gay, bi, cis, non-binary, trans, genderfluid, or something else: We celebrate diversity and curiosity, and invite you to come as you are.

Over the weekend we will explore

Rituals to support an experience of feeling safe in our bodies and in the world.

Exploring our unique expression of eros and love- riding the ecstatic current- guided by the limitless nature of our soul.

We will delve into our wilderness- the untamed parts of our self, our unbridled self.

We will expand our capacity for intimacy, pleasure and love, opening to more life force.

We will consciously work with the unconscious energies of the psyche, uncovering shame and fear- bringing it back home to love.

You will have the opportunity to explore greater intimacy between yourself and others- this is a weekend where we offer full permission to show up as you are authentically.

To express your aliveness that is unique to you.

To feel your inherent freedom as a soul.

To remember your unique expression of magic.

Friday 1st November 7pm -10pm
Saturday 2nd November- 10am -9pm
Sunday 3rd November 10am - 5pm
This is a non residential weekend

Costs to attend;
We work with a sliding scale. The normal price for this weekend in 195 euro. If you can pay more, we invite you to buy a 225 euro ticket. This helps us to offer tickets of 165 euro (meant for everyone who earns less than 1350 euros per month).

Winter is a witch, mystic and wild embodier having discovered her magic as a child she immersed herself in ritual and enchantment. Winter holds a powerful connection to the unseen realms.

Winter has facilitated sacred spaces for the past six years with expertise in the realm of the mystical arts, sexuality and embodiment.

Winter has journeyed with and brought to life the feminine mysteries and goddess wisdom over the past six years. Her work has moved towards penetrating ideas of gender and sexuality and the spaces she creates go beyond constructs of duality, of him and her, heterosexual and homosexual to the deeper realms of soul, the singularity that connects us all.

Winter is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor and has worked with adults and children who have experienced trauma, abuse and crisis. She currently offers empowerment coaching sessions to clients working with issues related to sexuality, intimacy and anchoring the soul into consciousness.

Winter is passionate about liberating herself and others to remember the limitless nature of the soul.

She has a deep calling to bring forth the temples of the new earth, to create spaces that penetrate worlds, that merge spirit and matter.


Rosie Enorah Heart is the organiser of this weekend, and has her roots in Utrecht and is now traveling the world with her workshops and private sessions in the field of Conscious Kink and tantra.

What are our deepest, most authentic desires? The one we are ashamed of, and which we keep secret for our lovers and often for ourselves? Those desires are the focus of Rosie’s work. How can we communicate about our sexy desires and boundaries without making it uncomfortable? What can we discover in the areas of intimacy, kink and bdsm? And how do we safely go on such a journey?

Rosie combines techniques from bdsm with those from tantra. A magical mix that guarantees an exciting, emotional, and deep experience.

She has extensive experience working with people with different gender identities. Her view of tantra and sexuality has a queer angle.

Rosie has done both the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program from Barbara Carrellas and the Temple Whore and Conscious Kink Practitioner Training from the School of Erotic Mysteries in London.

In 2017 she was named Sex Worker of the Year during the annual Sexual Freedom Awards gala in London.


Datum1-3 November 2019
TijdVrijdag 19-22, Zaterdag 10-21, Zondag 10-17
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