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Connective bondage workshop with Butterfly

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Connecting with rope: a workshop for beginners and advanced students

Bondage is exciting, seductive and intimate. Rope can be a means to make deep contact with each other, and it does not have to be complicated.

During this workshop, Butterfly will discuss the various aspects of playing with rope. How do you use sound, smell, touch, feeling, your body and the rope? You'll learn some basic knots to start with and you are encouraged to use your own creativity. The focus will be on the interaction between the person tying and the person being tied. Being together in the moment, making real contact, and having fun with each other.

We will not focus on perfect technique and complicated knots. Rope is merely a means to an end. With a few meters of rope you can catch, tease, overpower, cherish and caress, hug or hurt your partner. It all depends on the intention that you put into your movement and actions.

You do not have to be experienced in playing with bondage to participate in this workshop. Enthusiasm, curiosity and a partner are the only things you need. This workshop is hands-on: expect a lot of exercises and personal feedback. Experienced riggers will also gain a lot of inspiration this day, as a supplement to a more technical approach that you may already have mastered.

AdresBemuurde Weerd OZ 13, Utrecht
Datum9 November 2019
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