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Storytelling in the Digital Age

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Soul of Data: Storytelling in the Digital Age

Without data we cannot do business today; we cannot manage public services; we cannot even enjoy entertainment. Data permeates our lives, creating opportunities and driving growth. But as we generate more and more data, a lot of it gets wasted or used ineptly. And as the gap in understanding between data experts and users widens, trust in data declines.

Storytelling – one of the oldest and most powerful means of human communication – can close this gap. It can speak to technical as well as non-technical people. It can inform the users what data means for them and how to act on it. It can bring forth the meaning embedded in data.

Stories are the SOUL of data.

So, after our Storytelling Meetup, we now present a mini-workshop on storytelling with data. Meetup participants will get a discount on our half-day workshops.

At this Meetup we will explore data storytelling with Tao Yue, a management school professional, business case study writer and novelist. We will look at how to tell a good story with data and how to use stories to create impact in business as well as in life.

LocationChina Circle
AddressSurinamestraat 38, The Hague
Time15.00 - 17.00
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