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'De marron et d'amour' concert

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On June 4 at 16:00 pm Teti Kassioni & Ilias Papakonstantinou will present their newest album “Από Κάστανο και Έρωτα, De Marron et d'Amour, from Chestnut and Love”, in the centre of the Hague, at the beautiful Paleiskerk. The concert will be musically framed by Teti Kassioni in singing, Ilias Papakonstantinou in poetry, and the two soloist performers; Thymios Papadopoulos on clarinet and flute, who also created the album's entire orchestration, and last Giorgos Athanasiou on classical guitar.

Through music and musical poetry, the languages of Greek and French will collide. The album is a book originally written by Ilias Papakonstantinou that has been translated into French and musically arranged by Teti Kassioni. The beauty and wildness of Greece, the sea and its rocky landscape from which the poet draws part of his inspiration, formed the world and the nature of the songs that the audience will witness at the concert. The songs talk about the truth and the upliftment, trace social concerns, the love and the light.

Greek and French versions of the project's songs will be released for the first time. The meeting of Edith Piaf and the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, among fundamental pioneering examples of the musical coexistence of the French and Greek languages, will be played concurrently. In several songs, the Singing Birds Languages of The Hague's choral workshop participants will be on stage.

Partners of the concert are the Greek Embassy in the Netherlands, the French Institute of the Hague, the Association of Greeks in the Netherlands, Het huis Rotterdam, Atelier Evangelos, Menny's Kitchen, Pantopoleio,, SuperGreeks, the Beatstad radio, and the Greek School in The Hague. This project is an initiative of Singing Birds and is produced by Artists in Tune.



Date: June 4, 2023
Time: 16:00-18:00
Location: Paleiskerk
Address: Paleisstraat 8, 2514 JA Den Haag

After the presentation there will be Greek wine and products offered by the Greek Embassy of the Netherlands, and Mediterranean tapas by the restaurant Menny's kitchen. We are looking forward to welcome you to this unique event.

Participants/ Artists:

Teti Kassioni: Singing, Narration in French and Music Composition
Ilias Papakonstantinou: Poetry and Narration in Greek
Thymios Papadopoulos: Orchestrations, Flute and Clarinet
Giorgos Athanasiou: Classical Guitar



Teti Kassioni is a singer, songwriter/composer originally from Greece, who lives the past years in the Hague, the Netherlands. In 2008 she started her professional career as a singer in different bands/groups and since then she has been collaborating with many Greek composers with major performances in Greece and at various concert venues in Europe. The release of her first own album, ‘Petagma’, has been a significant milestone in her career. It is published on the Mikros heros label, with Greek and French songs, the majority of which are composed by Teti herself. She studied classical guitar and contemporary singing and began writing her first songs at an early age. She completed her first university studies at the Faculty of French Language and Literature of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and she completed an academic year in comparative literature at the University Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, Italy.

Ilias Papakonstantinou is a notorious Greek poet. He has published six volumes of poetry, a novel and a book of prose and poetry. His poems have been published in newspapers and magazines and also translated into Italian, French, English, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian and German. 18 books and many poems set to music are still unpublished. He successfully organized for three consecutive years in Delphi, at the Angelos and Eva Sikelianos Museum, a cultural event with poetry, music and theater keeping the Greek spirit high. Ilias is at the same time, vice president of the Panhellenic Writers' Union, member of the Society of Greek Writers, member of the Italian Literary Association Dante Alghieri, founding member of the cultural organization "Horizonte", founding member of the cultural association "Technochorafos" and member of the Amphictyony Hellenism. He has been a jury member in numerous Panhellenic poetry competitions and has spoken on the work of many poets. He was secretary and treasurer of Fr.E.L.

​​Thymios Papadopoulos is a virtuoso of the woodwind instruments (saxophone, clarinet, flute), and a renowned musician in the Greek music scene. Apart from a very successful multi-organist, he is one of the most accomplished Greek musicians as a performer, arranger and composer. Parallel to those achievements, he does not only play, but also programs synthesizers and other electronic sound sources. Among his various collaborations with different artists, his collaboration with one of the leading female Greek singers of our time, Haris Alexiou, stands out. Thymios was responsible for the orchestration on all her national and international tours. He became the production manager of world famous label, Sony Music Greece, and later Director of its label subsidiary ‘Akti’. He is the last years the permanent arranger and main musician of Greek significant composer, Thanos Mikroutsikos. He has studied in Greece and in the United States with a major in jazz music, but Thymios is very competent in almost all other musical idioms.

Giorgos Athanasiou is a classical guitarist originally from Greece, who lives the past years in the Netherlands. Music has been the only path in his life since a very young age. He studied classical guitar at the Polyrhythmic Conservatory of Preveza with Professor Nikos Rossos, where he received the Superior Degree in Classical Guitar with distinction. He continued his studies in Athens with soloist Kostas Grigoreas, and in 2015 he received the highest degree in classical guitar with honors. He is also a graduate of the Department of Music Studies of the University of Ioannina and is currently attending the Master Level 2 in Classical Guitar Virtuosity and Performance at the Conservatory of Avellino, Italy. At the same time, he participates in composition and counterpoint courses with composer Nikos Drellas. He is classical guitar teacher in The Hague at Singing Birds Languages and has worked in the past at private schools and conservatories in Greece. He forms together with Teti Kassioni a guitar and singing duet, and they have performed in various locations and festivals in Europe.

AdresPaleisstraat 8, 2514 JA Den Haag
Datum4 June 2023
Tijd16:00 -18:00
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