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Festivalito 5 years La Roca

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Celebrating 5 years La Roca and De Danswerkplaats with 2 evenings of the best danceable live-music by Solo Tango Orquesta from Moskou, workshops and performance by the maestro's: Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker and 4 DJ's for a full 21 hours milonga weekend.

Saturday daytime 15.00 - 20.00: DJ Toufik Cherifi
Saturday night 21.00 - 03.00: first concert live music by Solotango & DJ DavidxTango
Sunday daytime 14.00 - 19.00: DJ El Jirafa; Jacob Vosmaer
Sunday night 19.15 - 00.00 : Performance by Michelle and Joachim, second concert live music by Solo Tango & DJ Stefan Wimmer
Available tickets: Early bird All-in, Regular All-in (from june 1st), All-day tickets(daytime & evening for one day), Evening tickets.
Daytime milonga tickets only at the door.

Workshops by Michelle and Joachim:
Friday evening mini seminar 2 x 1,5 hours & Practica. Theme: Circular Colgadas. Advanced level only. Buy one ticket, valid for 2 persons and put the name of your partner in the "partner" field. Max 18 couples. Time 19.30-21.00 21.15-22.45. Practica until 00.00

Saturday Evening workshop: Sequences for Small Space. Intermediate and advanced level. Buy one ticket, valid for 2 persons and put the name of your partner in the "partner" field. Max 18 couples. Time 19.30-21.00

Saturday/sunday masterclass seminar (9 hours, teachers/very advanced dancers level, incl coffee/tea/fruit/discount for the milonga's) about: The Joy of Vals. No tickets in the ticketshop, sent me an email: if you want to participate. Time saturday 13.00-14.30 14.45-16.15 16.45-18.15 and sunday 13.30-15.00 15.15-16.45 17.15-18.45

LocationDe Danswerkplaats
AddressOude Fabriekstraat 20, Amersfoort
Date28 / 30 June 2019
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