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With a brief introduction to the programme by Margot Kalse.

Heartbreak, melancholy and consolation are the main themes of this programme of music entitled “Tudors, Tunes and Teares”, presented by the Leiden based foundation Key2Singing.

Our project choir of motivated singers performs works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods by English composers John Dowland, William Byrd and Henry Purcell. The character of the music varies from subtle and introverted through moving melancholy to light and joyful.

Key2Singing’s artistic leader Margot Kalse explains that “In these periods Melancholy was very popular and fashionable. This had to do with the theme, among others, of unattainable love; the adoration of a lady of status. Such love affairs were always doomed to failure. And this makes for a wonderful theme for poets and composers.
Taking full advantage of the public desire to be enraptured by this melancholy, composers were only too glad to play along. In this way Dowland was also typical by singing one of his pavannes for the lute with ‘Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens’ or Always Dowland, always suffering.
For ordinary folk, it was a little less complicated, for example such as the choosing of a pretty girl on the first of May around the Maypole. Such events call for jolly and lighthearted music which we also perform. “

We present our programme in very diverse manner, including secular and spiritual music in the form of solos, duets, quartets and choral ensembles. We are accompanied by professional musicians performing on historical instruments including the Lute and Theorbe (Earl Christy), and a Consort of Viola da Gamba’s (literally Leg Viola’s).

Ticket sale GoldenChair:
The most beautiful seats in the room to fully enjoy the concert. Afterwards we invite you to raise a glass with us and have a Meet&Greet with our artistic leader Margot Kalse, the professional musicians and cast.
With your order for a GoldenChair you also express your support for the project, for which our dearest appreciation!

Door sale:
At the venue normal and youth tickets will be sold with a 1 euro raise on the tariff, until sold out!

LocationGoede Herderkerk
AddressHoge Rijndijk 18, 2382 AS Zoeterwoude
Date30 juni 2018
Time20.15 - 22.00 uur
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