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Hillhar - Earthly Divine

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Early bird tickets will be available till 20-10, 23:59...
Regular tickets, for 17,50 euro, will be available from then on.

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As part of their “Earthly Divine” tour and after opening Israel’s pride events in Jerusalem, Hillhar - electro pop trio from Tel Aviv is coming for a special show in Amsterdam.

In their live concerts the band utilizes strong visuals and often uses video art to create the desired atmosphere. While each concert has a unique setting, each time the audience would find themselves dancing to the beat throughout the show.

Hillhar are Assaf Twina, pianist and international DJ & producer who conquered huge stages around the world, Louharya, vocalist, singer, multidisciplinary artist and the beating heart of the band and Dar Bechar, a songwriter, lyricist and guitarist with a unique sound.

Early bird tickets - 14.00 euro
Student tickets - 10.00 euro (only 50 tickets available!)
Group tickets (minimum 10 tickets) - 13.00 euro (only 50 tickets available!)
At the box office - 20.00 euro

You can also pay via PAYPAL!
Early bird: Transfer 14.00 euro per ticket to

LocatieCrea Muziekzaal, Amsterdam
AdresNieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam
DatumNovember 2nd, 2019
OrganisatieStichting Rainbow
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