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IFKF 12 t/m 14 jaar (GROEP 2)

Ticket sales have ended. You can not buy tickets anymore.


Order her your tickets here for the IFKF 2020! Only from 12 up to and including 14 years old.

NOTE: Tickets are name-bound and can not be given back or exchanged. Each order counts for 1 person. If you want to order for more than one person, do several separate orders per person.

Please note, the entrance ticket is ALWAYS required to participate in the IFKF.
In addition, couvhers can optionally be ordered for the speed and / or style competition categories.

Recreators must make a choice between speed and style. It is therefore not possible to participate in both.
Each participant can only participate in either 1 speed category OR 1 style category.

Advanced freerunners can participate in both speed and style.

Short description of competition styles:
- Speed ​​(complete a route established by the organization as soon as possible. A fixed starting point and a fixed endpoint will be determined. Between these points, a coloured line needs to be followed.)
- Style (as creative as possible to give substance to your run, no fixed route and you will be judged by an expert jury)

LocationJubbega, MGF de Kompenije
AddressEricalaan 24-A, 8411 VK Jubbega
Date16 februari 2020
Time12.30 tot ongeveer 19.30

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