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Women's Group Therapy- S3

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Tilburg ladies,

This is the 3rd session through the Women's Empowerment Group Therapy in which an Inner Child Regression Meditation will be facilitated.

Your Inner Child is that aspect of you that is able to experience innocence, creativity, awe, and wonder toward life. However when the inner child has been wounded during its younger years, we grow into adults who ACT from the space of this wounded inner child.

In this regression, we a facilitate a meeting and deeper connection with the wounded inner child. The challenge is to know, accept, and connect with this aspect of ourself. Not reject it. When we do this, we bring healing to aspects of ourself that has been suppressed and locked away.

Your facilitator:

Neeta Maharaj( Drs.) is a psychologist/counsellor who is trained in Regression Therapy.


For this event, we will be laying on the floor so please wear something comfortable.

The cost of this is $20 Euros.

AddressNieuwlandstraat 36, 5038 SP Tilburg
DateSat 6th July
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