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Salsa Movement Workshop

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★ Salsa workshop Movement Styling

➤ Saturday June 10th 2023
15:00 – 16:00 Movement Technique Basics
16:00 – 17:00 Footwork & Styling
→ Instructor: Malek Abu & Alejandra Chen
→ Level: all levels except absolute beginners.

The workshop is about developing your movement awareness & styling.

During the workshop you will learn the rhythmical body structure of Salsa, challenging footwork, coordination and style, awareness and balance.
Your energy has to go through the centre to create the ability of controlling your balance, your basic step, hip and arm movement. You will learn how to develop this centre awareness.
We will combine challenging footwork with centre and upper body movement. You will learn to coordinate and synchronise the footwork with the armwork.

The workshop is based on the original names of the footwork patterns of Eddie Torres (Patterns Method) New York Styl/ Salsa On2 timing.
The beginning of wisdom is calling things/shines by their right names. Shines are your best and fastest way to fully understand the Salsa rhythm and timing.

The workshop will give you all the basics you need to centre your body and create a rhythm in your body so you can dance and connect with your partner.
Before you dance with partner you have to be dancing yourself!

➤ For Who?
→ Dancers with some experience who want to freshen up their skills.
→ Dancers with some experience who want more depth and more focus on the details of contrary body motion.
→ Ladies & Gents who want to improve their styling.
→ Get to know new (dancing)friends.
→ Open minded dancers who want to go through the transition proces from Salsa On1 to Salsa On2.
→ Have fun in a luxurious atmosphere and 5 star location.

➤ Join Salsa in de Stad party with Big Salsa Band at 21:00 at Salsability.

➤ 1 workshop € 15,00
➤ 2 workshops € 25,00
➤ 2 hours workshop €10 for Salsability Students.
→ We have 20 spots available

Salsability, Delftseplein 36 Rotterdam

★ Thé biggest enjoyment of dancing Salsa is to have a rhythmical posture and movement.

AdresDelftseplein 36, 3013AA Rotterdam
Datum10 juni 2023
Tijd15:00 - 17:00
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