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Rope Date - Bondage PLAYshop

Experiment with bondage, under the guidance of Butterfly, for singles, duos and trios! An afternoon playing and experimenting with bondage, for beginners and advanced rope bondage enthusiasts. Singles, couples, trios, everyone is welcome. Pick up your rope and your creativity and join in!

What is Rope Date?
This is not a workshop, but a PLAYshop. An afternoon of socializing and playing, with strangers (if you feel like it) or your acquaintances. The goal is to meet other rope enthusiasts, to practice rope bondage, and to tie with different people and thus gather more experience.

What does the PLAYshop look like?
We start the afternoon all together (so be there at 14:00!). And then you can start tying, playing and experimenting. You can learn from each other. So this is not a workshop, but a social event. There is a room where we tie (no talking), and a space where you can eat, drink and chat. We finish with a closing circle, and end the playshop at 18:00.

The schedule:
13:45 Arrive at the venue
14:00-14:15 Introduction and explanation about this afternoon
14:15-15:00 Joint exercises to meet each other
15:00-18:00 Play time
18:00-18:30 Closing circle and clean-up
You will recieve an e-mail with all practical information prior to the event.

Rope Date play rules:
- You are allowed to come alone and do not have to have arranged a partner in advance. Singles are very welcome.
- You have no objection to tying in with various people. We will do exercises to get to know new people, involving light touch (like couple's stretching exercises and some tying).
- You want to practice tying/being tied, and also make yourself available for someone else to practice with you.
- You clearly communicate your wishes and boundaries to your partner, and as a partner you listen carefully and respect those boundaries. This way we ensure that you can feel at ease and will have a good experience.
- You bring something to eat or drink to share with the other people present.

For whom?
This social afternoon is suitable for anyone with an interest in bondage, at any level. If you want to also tie, some basic knowledge of how to do that comes in handy (since we will not teach you technique today).

AdresBemuurde Weerd OZ 13, Utrecht
Datum28 december 2019
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