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This workshop allows children to explore the magical world of puppets. They will breathe life into their own puppets take them on an adventure through distant worlds made only by newspaper.

The following Corona measures apply:
STET abides by all the official regulations in view of the COVID-19 situation.

Please be aware this means:
- you can only book multiple tickets under your name when accompanied by people in your household.
- for group bookings: Book under individual names unless you share a household
- Keep 1,5 m distance from people with whom you do NOT share a household
- Do NOT join the workshop if you have a fever, a cough or any other symptons of illness
- Take precautions like gloves and masks (not mandatory but recommended)
- Abide by the instructions given by the STET and theatre staff
- You are responsible for your own actions and cannot hold STET responsible if you fall ill afterwards
- STET reserves the right to refuse you entry if you do not abide with the above and may hold you legally responsible if you endanger others with your presence.
- by booking you have accepted these terms

General policy re cancellations:
Tickets once bought are non-refundable.

Corona policy re cancellations:
In case you have to cancel your ticket because you have symptoms of COVID-19 you will be entitled to a full refund up to 48 hours before the performance. A medical certificate may be required.
If you cancel within 48 hours the general rules apply
Please send your request to

LocatieTheater De Regentes (Theater De Nieuwe Regentes)
AdresWeimarstraat 63, 2562 GR Den Haag
Datum29 May 2021
Tijd14:30 - 15:30
OrganisatieSTET The English Theatre
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