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Learn the basic technique of Japanese bondage

Bondage can be exciting, seductive and intimate. During this XL workshop we will dive into the Japanese tradition of rope bondage: shibari. Our focus will be on technical skills.

Extra long workshop
​Japanese bondage (shibari) is beautiful to see and intense to experience. During this workshop, Butterfly will teach you how to safely and creatively capture your partner.

​We combine 2 workshops into one, so you will lay the groundwork for your own practice and development, to play with rope. Step 1 is about the complete basics (material, safety, basic knots) and step 2 will guide you into tying your first ‘takate kote’ (box-tie, a basic structure that’s typical of shibari). This workshop is suitable if you have never (been) tied before, but also if you want to refresh your knowledge a bit. ​

Step 1
You’ll learn a number of basic knots and ties with which you can experiment and combine endlessly.
We look at which materials are suitable: which types of rope, possible accessories that come in handy.
Butterfly discusses anatomy and safety: what risks should you avoid, what do you pay attention to during your scene, what signals from the body should you take seriously, what about nerves and any physical risks, how do you check during the interaction if your partner is okay?

Step 2
You will learn some traditional Japanese ways of tying, such as the "box tie" (takate kote) and how you can apply it in the further process of tying.

AdresBemuurde Weerd OZ 13, Utrecht
Datum16 november 2019
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