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Retreat 12 February [guided in English]

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Silent Meditation Retreat, Sunday 12 February 2023
at Mindfulness Centrum Haarlem

[located in Haarlem city center, 8 min walk from train station]

Start a morning with slow yoga medidation and plenty of time with rest and peace for yourself. A morning of 'me time'.

Our silent meditation retreat lasts around 3.5 to 4 hours.
During these 3.5 hours we practice various meditation exercises in silence. All exercises are guided by the trainer (who is talking for all instructions).

The idea of a mindful silent retreat is unplugging, slowing down and creating awareness from moment to moment, such as your movements, your wandering mind, your response.
Think about walking up or down the stairs, fully aware of all sensation while drinking a cup of tea or simply relax.
By embracing stillness, you will have the opportunity noticing better your state of mind, your bodily experiences or feelings.

We will start at 9.00 (walk-in time 8.45) am and end at 12.30/ 13.00h.
During the welcome, talking is still allowed.
First the trainer will outline the details of the program. As soon there are no more questions, the signal for silence follows.

8.45 am: Walk in
9.00 am: Welcome & Explanation
9.15 am: Start: various exercises, e.g.
- Slow easy Yoga
- Bodyscan
- Breathing meditation
- Meditation on seeing/ viewing, walking, listening,.... other techniques

12.30 pm: end of practices
12.30 pm: Optional Q&A (30 min)

Every meditation exercise is followed up by a break. So you have time for simply doing nothing, enjoy the stillness, use it for reflection, walking around, enjoying our garden/courtyard, eating, drinking or writing down some notes.

Towards the end of the retreat around 12.30h there will be the option exchanging your experiences if you wish to do so.
But you also have the choice to leave in stillness at 12.30 and skip a Q&A session.

- Wear some comfortable clothing that doesn't pinch (layers).
- A pair of warm socks are always recommended.
- A notepad (in case you want to write something down).
- Bring your own lunch or snacks in case you get hungry.

We serve tea, water, coffee, cookies and fruit.
Yoga-mats, pillows, and blankets are available at our location.

max. 8-10 participants


Locatie Mindfulness Centrum Haarlem / Entrance HOF20
Adres Begijnhof 20, 2011 HE Haarlem
Datum 12 February 2023 (Sunday morning)
Tijd 8.45/9.00am -13.00pm
Language: guided in English
Teacher: Alexandra Pils certified mindfulness trainer (06-1025 0077)


Tickets are not refundable 7 days prior to the event date. You can cancel up to 7 days before the event. Mindfulness Center Haarlem always charges € 5,- cancellation and administration costs for this ticket service usage.

Refunds are not possible if cancellation is made within 7 days before the event. You may, in consultation, have someone else come in your place.

Each silent meeting reservation is unique and will provide access to the meeting in one place. If misuse (by copying tickets) takes place, all tickets will be cancelled.

LocatieMindfulness Centrum Haarlem [entrance of HOF20]
AdresBegiijnhof 20, 2011HE Haarlem (city center )
Datum12 February 2023
Tijd8.45/9.00h - 13.00h
OrganisatieMindfulness Centrum Haarlem
(+31) 06 10250077
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