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START/OVER is a progressive metalcore band from Amsterdam. Risen out of the ashes of previous bands, the band sets out to create an unique soundscape that combines hard hitting riffs and mesmerizing melodies. With influences from melodic hardcore, djent and prog, the band has created their own sound that won’t leave you unsatisfied.

In 2017 the band released their debut EP “Laments” which is available on all popular services.

The perfect mix between hard, melody and catchy hooks. Phoenix’Ashes explodes on stage and becomes a scorching live machine. Playing with a mission to stop only when the sweat drips off the ceiling and when everybody sings along to their catchy choruses.

This experienced band hailing from the south of the Netherlands has a strong preference for memorable songs and anthems. Inspired by hardcore, metal and punk from the turn of the century they make sure every show is all in!

Their latest release is the E.P. "Unspoken Answers...". With these new songs the band will try to sway new and old fans alike to sing along and support the band on their live shows. And if you like bands such as Silverstein, Funeral for a Friend and Thrice, you will definitely love Phoenix'Ashes.

Phoenix'Ashes played several European tours and played some big festivals. They opened for known European headliners and are ready to rock in a venue near you.


Progressive Deathcore from Cologne (Germany)

‘Cimmerian’ is a progressive metal band from Heerlen and surrounding cities. ‘Cimmerian’ combines heavy guitar riffs with atmospheric sounds using cleans and keyboard.

Locatiecafe de meister
Adresburgermeester lemmensstraat 250
Datum2 juni 2018
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