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Utrecht - April 12-14

Sexuality is surrounded by shame for many of us. We are allowed to enjoy it, but only certain things and in a certain way. And so we keep some of our authentic desires hidden for fear of being seen as a slut or weirdo.

That is a shame, because it is precisely those desires that can give us both a lot of self-insight and pleasure.

During this workshop we will look into our authentic desires and ways to explore them. We use guided meditation and techniques from Tantra and Conscious Kink. Consent is an absolute cornerstone to this workshop.

So come and meet your inner Slut, Weirdo, Whore, Goddess, God, Pervert, or Other and find out what they can do for your sexuality.


Rosie Enorah Heart has her roots in Utrecht and is now traveling the world with her workshops and private sessions in the field of Conscious Kink and tantra.

What are our deepest, most authentic desires? The one we are ashamed of, and which we keep secret for our lovers and often for ourselves? Those desires are the focus of Rosie's work. How can we communicate about our sexy desires and boundaries without making it uncomfortable? What can we discover in the areas of intimacy, kink and bdsm? And how do we safely go on such a journey?

Rosie combines techniques from bdsm with those from tantra. A magical mix that guarantees an exciting, emotional, and deep experience.

She has extensive experience working with people with different gender identities. Her view of tantra and sexuality has a queer angle.

Rosie has done both the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program from Barbara Carrellas and the Temple Whore and Conscious Kink Practitioner Training from the School of Erotic Mysteries in London.

In 2017 she was named Sex Worker of the Year during the annual Sexual Freedom Awards gala in London.


This weekend takes place at a beautiful location in the center of Utrecht.

The introductory evening on Friday is from 7 pm to 9 pm. Tickets are 5 euros.

If you buy a weekend ticket the Friday evening is included. Please be aware that a lot of what we do on Friday evening will be covered again on Saturday.

On Saturday we'll start at 10 am and finish at 6 pm and on Sunday we'll work from 10 am to 5 pm.

We work with a sliding scale. The normal price for this weekend in 195 euro. If you can pay more, we invite you to buy a 225 euro ticket. This helps us to offer tickets of 165 euro (meant for everyone who earns less than 1350 euros per month).

This weekend is explicitly meant for everyone who wants to explore Conscious Kink, regardless of age, gender, relationship style or background.

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Date12-14 April 2019
TimeVrijdagavond 19-21 Zaterdag 10-18 Zondag 10-17
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