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ISF - Repertory Theatre, January 2022

Repertory Theatre - Thursday, January 27th, 20:00, Amsterdam (Hebrew)€ 15,00
Repertory Theatre - Friday, January 28th, 20:00, Amsterdam (English)€ 15,00
Repertory Theatre - Saturday, January 29th, 20:00, Den Haag (Hebrew)€ 15,00
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תיאטרון רפרטוארי | Repertory Theatre
A comedy by Eldad Cohen

A young timid playwright is invited by a neurotic, Hamlet-obsessed national theatre manager to discuss his debut play.
When art meets production value things are never easy, but nothing could prepare this young man for the zany ride he is about to take.
As the room becomes crowded with ghosts from the past, skeletons from the closet and
other revived clichés, the thin border between conscious and subconscious, theatre and
real-life, explode in a ground-breaking climax.

75 minutes

Directors and actors: Iftach Ophir and Erez Drigues
Music: Ran Bagano

Thursday, January 27th, 20:00, Amsterdam, Hebrew show
Friday, January 28th, 20:00, Amsterdam, English show
Saturday, January 29th, Den Haag, Hebrew show

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*All events will be conducted according to the RIVM regulations*

LocationAmsterdam, Den Haag
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